Re: war 1994

In March 1994, Cambodia was shifting to the dry season from the rainy season.
I left its capital, Phnom Penh, and headed to Battambang province by pickup truck.
I had heard of a battlefield right along the border between Thailand and Cambodia,
about 80 km from Battambang city.

A village named Sudau was on the frontline, and many farmers lived there. Every day,
people were killed or wounded by shelling, gun battles, or striking landmines.
Even though the wounded were transferred to a local hospital, there were no facilities
or medicine there to help them. Most of the farmers whose legs were blown away died from excessive blood loss.

Government army casualties were carried to this hospital as well. They were all poor farmers. I saw boys who joined the battle without knowing why they were fighting.
There were no painkillers at the hospital, so some young wounded soldiers gulped down
strong liquor to ease their pain. I followed people in Sudau for half a year, and
the film I brought with me ran out in an instant.






































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